Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Increase 4.11 Million UK Jobs With EU UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT Advice!

4117000 UNITED KINGDOM GREAT PEOPLE work in Aerospace, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing, IT & Telecoms and Transport Industry Sectors in direct relation with EU & UK Business activity and EU & UK Business relationships!

The EU is the UNITED KINGDOMS NUMBER 1 BUSINESS CUSTOMER (44% of all UK Foreign Revenue comes from EU Business).

Based on UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT advice, we leave the EU June 23rd that could delay or reduce the employment of these 4.11m UK people.

However follow UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT advice on June 23rd (your personal choice) this can allow greater faster UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT EU & Non-EU UK Employment Progress Building Up Side UK Economy Growth and Expansion!

Good news the UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT are not awaiting until the next century to BUILD BETTER LIFE STYLES! Follow UK GOVERNMENT LEADERS advice and they EMPOWER 60 MILLLION PEOPLE'S BETTER LIVES 23rd June 2016!

Learn more here including register to vote on June 23rd

You do have you own freedom of choice since you live a great life in a Capitalist Democracy, but I please kindly and highly recommend that you do agree and follow the UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNEMNT advice and vote to keep all 60 million of us in the EU to continue with UK Employment, UK Business, UK Economy Positive Up Side Better Life Building And More Pleasant Life Styles Progress:

Thank you!
Enjoy A Better Far More Pleasant Life Style!

Yours sincerely
Dwight Harrison

Entrepreneur / Author
Business Pleasure Exposed
Greater London
United Kingdom